• Children's book covers for Hachette - finals and rejects

    Hachette India started its children's books division fairly recently, and I was privileged to contribute to some of their early projects, around four years ago. The cover designs and illustrations you see below were created for special one-off books that Hachette commissioned to capitalize on random Hallmark holidays - in the current examples, specifically, for Friendship Day, Mother's Day and Father's Day. The illustrations are fairly straightforward and risk-free, as you can see, but that was precisely my brief: to just make them friendly, colourful and appealing on a crowded bookshelf, nothing more, nothing less. I'll leave it to you to decide if I succeeded or not.

    Rough sketch for Friends Forever book cover
    Friends Forever, Hachette - Friendship Day stories

    Friends Forever, Hachette - colour variation for activities book

    Dad & Me, Hachette - Father's Day stories

    Mom & Me, Hachette - Mother's Day stories

    This cover for Mom & Me was rejected because it was too 'ethnic' / not cosmopolitan enough to suit the book's targeted metro city readers. Or, perhaps, because it glorifies the gouging-out of that poor woman's eyes by the evil little boy/dwarf riding her shoulders.

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