• Hachette for grown-ups - finished covers and unpublished art

    Detail from the cover art for Once Upon a Time in Scandinavistan
    And then there was some work that I did on a couple of Hachette books for adults, while I was freelancing a few years ago. The artwork you see below consists of the cover and some pieces of interior artwork for Vijay Nair's The Boss is Not Your Friend, followed by the cover of Zac O'Yeah's Once Upon a Time in Scandinavistan. The interior art for the former was left out of the final book (I was told that it was too cerebral for the target audience - which, bless 'em, was probably just a polite way of saying that the cartoons sucked). The Scandinavistan cover, meanwhile, ranks among my best work. I thoroughly enjoyed working on it.

    |Go here to look at some of my artwork for Hachette's children's books.|

    Final cover for The Boss is Not Your Friend, Hachette
    Early variation on the cover design, back when the book was still called 'Beating the Boss'. Can you guess where the inspiration for this cartoon came from? (It's reee-ALI easy!)

    I came up with the following cartoons for various themed sections - more petty corporatey stuff - within the book. These were rejected, and I continue to own them (and - this really goes without saying - I'm willing to part with them for due credit and adequate compensation :) Write to me if you're interested in buying).
    On the massive egos of CEOs
    On HR people and their weird and wicked policies
    On corporate workshops and the strange creatures that conduct them
    On corporate social responsibility
    I forget what this one was about. Something to do with The Matrix, evidently.

    Final cover artwork and design for Once Upon a Time in Scandinavistan, Hachette. This is Round Two of 'What Inspired It?' Any guesses? (It rhymes with 'omelette')

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