• Jackfruit: Design and Illustration, Part 2

    This is a continuation of my earlier post on the work I did for Jackfruit Research & Design / Art, Resources & Teaching from 2006-2007.

    The following are pen-and-ink illustrations I drew for Love Bangalore, the first Bangalore edition of
    Aussie publisher Fiona Caulfield's 'Love Travel Guides' (which are wrapped in silk, printed on expensive handmade paper and unapologetically cater to the type of wealthy traveller who dies violently in the second act of an Hercule Poirot movie). These illustrations found mention, I was later thrilled to find out, in the July 2008 issue of Creative Review.

    A vegetable vendor

    Bangalore autowallah

    Palm reading, parrot-picked fortune cards and other local mumbo-jumbo

    A kingfisher :)

    Elephants at Kabini

    One of the trees that gave Bangalore its good weather - this is increasingly rare in modern Bengaluru

    Coffee and cigarettes at Koshy's (you can no longer smoke there now)
    An illustration - in print - of TS Shanbhag finding a rare book for you at his Premier Bookshop (now shut down, oh woe)

    A Bangalore map that I drew up for the book

    The map in print, with indices

    These next images are invites and posters I created for the photographer Betsy Karel's exhibition celebrating the launch of her book, 'Bombay Jadoo'. This exhibition toured all the galleries around India that are part of the Tasveer photography collective.

    Invite front, with a translucent cover carrying a Bombay map

    Invite back, with translucent cover

    Invite for the launch event at Bungalow 8, Mumbai

    Poster for a panel discussion and show preview for 'Bombay Jadoo'

    And here's a sampling of display material I designed for two cultural and heritage monuments - one ancient and one modern. Starting with a few examples of signage, information panels and entrance tickets for Juna Mahal, a beautiful old royal fort in Dungarpur, Rajasthan:

    And finally, headed straight for the rejects pile, some info panels and entrance tickets that I designed for a new wing that we helped curate at Janapadaloka, a folk museum in Ramnagaram that preserves artifacts from ancient Kannada culture. The Kannada writing on the following panels is dummy text. These were never printed, for some reason. The signage you see if you visit Janapadaloka now is a throwback to the average ASI displays at the average government museum. They don't call it preservation of cultural traditions for nothing.
    Entry ticket, with dummy Kannada text

    Agricultural map of Karnataka, with dummy Kannada text

    More display panels, with more dummy Kannada text

    |Disclaimer: much of the work shown above was either guided or art directed by Annapurna Garimella, the proprietor and lead researcher at the firm, who usually initiated the concept discussions on all the projects we took up. So I can't take full credit for all the ideas represented here - only for the final visuals.|

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